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Good Bye Australia....

It's time to say good bye!! The clock is ticking and I have just another 2 and a half days left in this wonderful country Australia!!

This is just a last goodbye to Australia, though it doesn't mean u won't hear from me anymore! My trip is not over yet.... I'll be flying to Bali on Saturday for a nice little holiday to recover from the stressful 7,5 months here in Australia ;-) As soon as I'm back home in Germany I'll post the latest events and adventures from the last weeks in Australia and the trip to Bali, supported by some pictures for u to look at in my gallery so u don't have to use too much of ur imagination... ;-)!

I had an awesome time here in Australia and I will miss it! Anyway, I'm looking forward to  see u all again and I wanna thank u all who were so interessted in what I had to tell about my adventures here in Oz!

See ya soon in good old Germany!

25.4.07 07:17

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